Science Fiction Works by Tony Torzillo

Children of the Yew is a science fiction novel that was inspired by the idea that aging may one day be something that science cures. I started thinking about all the social and personal implications of this, and I conceived of the idea of a virus that actually extends life, rather than ending it. This novel is about someone named Wesley who has had this virus for a very long time but has hidden the truth of his age from society. In 2042, events transpire that force him to reveal his true nature, and involves him in a plot that could change the future of the human race. This book is still in draft form and I hope to have it published this year.

Simlink 20 is a science fiction novel about a man named Dr. George Townston, who discovers a way to intercept the sensory interfaces of the brain to put people into a simulated world that is indistinguishable from reality. He also finds a way to create what are called “digital entities”, quantum neural scans of people’s brains that are stored in quantum storage arrays. When he falls in love with a digital entity of his wife, questions arise about what constitutes infidelity and about what it means to be human. This book is still in development but is being targeted for release in 2020.

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